UTIs in men

Men can get UTIs too, although they are much less likely to get them compared to women — about 10 times less likely.

UTI Symptoms in men

The signs and symptoms of a UTI are similar for both men and women (frequent urination, urgency to urinate, burning sensations when urinating and cloudy, bloody or smelly urine) but the causes may be different.

Talk to your health
professional if you
have symptoms
of a UTI

URAMET is a non-antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to treat UTIs
once they have been diagnosed by your doctor.

Uramet is an antibacterial therapy. It is a non-antibiotic therapy that helps prevent recurrent UTIs. It is not used to treat an active Urinary Tract Infection. Its active ingredient (methenamine hippurate) works by suppressing bacteria in your urine, helping to prevent UTIs before they can take hold. Uramet can be used after successful initial antibiotic treatment of UTIs to help stay infection free.

Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern in our community. UTIs are one of the most common bacterial infections and are usually treated with antibiotics.

Frequent antibiotic use has the potential to cause bacteria to become resistant, so preventative therapy may be considered, for those people who experience recurrent urinary tract infections.

When to see adoctor

It is important to talk to your doctor
if you’re experiencing UTI symptoms.

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